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In its annual study “resources SAVED by recycling”, the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT calculates the extent to which the environment has been helped by ALBA Group’s recycling services. In 2018 alone, this study showed that almost 6 million tonnes of resources were handled by closed-loop systems run by ALBA Group companies such as Interzero in Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovenia, saving around 32.3 million tonnes of primary raw materials. The companies also saved almost 4.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Material flows included in Fraunhofer’s recycling study included metals, waste electrical equipment, paper/paperboard/cardboard, glass, lightweight packaging, plastics and wood.

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"Recycling is an important building block for a sustainable society: it contributes to resource conservation and greenhouse gas savings and reduces economic dependence on imported raw materials. The study impressively shows what a major role companies like the ALBA Group have in this process."

Dr.-Ing. Markus Hiebel Department Director for Sustainability and Resource Management of the Fraunhofer Institute’s UMSICHT program


In 2019, the ALBA Group conserved 32.3 million tonnes of primary resources by recycling 6 million tonnes of raw materials.


The recycling activities of the ALBA Group reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 4.2 million tonnes in the past year.


The recycling of aluminium, copper, steal, stainless steel, lead, zinc and brass, saved 15 million tonnes of primary raw materials.


The company processed 1.5 million tonnes of paper, paperboard and cardboard, thus conserving 4.5 million tonnes of primary raw materials.


A total of 292,963 tonnes of used glass was recycled, which reduced the use of primary raw material by 603,503 tonnes.


The company recycled 957,946 tonnes of plastic, thereby conserving more than 3.8 million tonnes of primary raw materials.

„Resources SAVED by recycling“ certificates

A sustainable competitive advantage: in partnership with Interzero, you can improve your ecological footprint and strengthen your customer loyalty. Interzero documents your contribution to resource savings with a certificate. You can view your individual resource protection certificate and all relevant details by logging on to our “resources SAVED” portal. Please enter the password that you received with your certificate printout – either by post or personally from your customer contact.

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