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We are one

Our ‘we are one’ corporate culture stands for respect, communication and responsibility. These shared values are what unites us – whatever job we perform at Interzero – and whatever our background, beliefs or choice of partner. Even if we only look at Interzero in Germany, we find employees from 41 nations and with ages ranging from 16 to 67. We also work to improve equal opportunities among our employees by valuing our diversity, taking an interest in our co-workers and seeking to learn from one another. Our competency model embodies a shared understanding of our values and offers orientation for employees throughout the company. It forms a starting-point for refreshing our commitment to our vision of ‘zero waste solutions’ on a daily basis – not resting on our laurels but striving to find the right ways to achieve this vision.

"Every one of us can make their contribution to a sustainable corporate culture. As Sustainability Ambassadors, our employees can present their own ideas and sustainable projects that contribute to the success of our company. A broad-based team promotes these initiatives throughout Interzero: this keeps communication channels open and helps us develop sustainability as a continuous process. "

Christine Kleinhammes Senior Projectmanagerin Business Development

Staff initiatives for sustainability

We achieve more together. This is why our staff are actively contributing to making Interzero a more sustainable company. Since 2016, Sustainability Weeks are regularly held by our Sustainability Ambassadors, involving staff in a range of activities such as tidy-up days, sharing programmes or CO2-friendly commutes. The city cycling campaign is also very popular. The aim here is to cover as many kilometres by bike in three weeks to contribute to local climate protection and raise awareness about the need to expand urban cycling infrastructure. In 2017, Interzero totalled nearly 7,500 kilometres by bike. This saved around 1 tonne of CO2e as well as EUR 675 at the petrol pump.

Thinking outside the box: Two degrees are possible 

Companies have a central role to play in achieving the two-degree target. So what action should they be taking to reduce global warming? The strategy adopted by the ‘Road to a <2° Economy’ initiative is “We achieve more if we work together.” Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it unites a wide variety of industries, specialisms and perspectives with the aim of making progress towards their common goal. Interzero is playing an active part. Together with around 40 other companies, we are members of this pioneering project that was launched jointly by Foundation 2° and WWF Germany.

Ideas for the sustainable economy

As experts for the closed-loop economy, we contribute our specialist knowledge in dialogue with research, business and the general public. One such activity is the Centre for Sustainable Corporate Governance (ZNU), a joint business and research sustainability initiative based at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany. Here, we support the Recycling working group, for example, and the (further) development of the ZNU standard “More Sustainable Business Food”.

We also support the following projects:

  • KidS (Cologne)
  • Jugend am Werk (Austria)
  • Wiener Tafel (Austria)
  • Verein Albatros e.V. (Wiesbaden, Germany)
  • New EkoPaka materials: 8 topics,16 different worksheets sizes B1 and A3 for school kids, 6 different workshop scenarios, used during events
  • Kronodrzewko – trees’ planting and forest life/wood usage education with cooperation with Silva company (Poland)
  • DKMS (Germany, nationwide)
  • Sponsorship for the Geyserhaus (Leipzig, Germany)
  • „Eco Dragon“ in the School for Disabled Children in Warsaw (Polen)
  • School project in cooperation with our customer Dell (Polen)
  • German Red Cross (giving blood) (Germany, nationwide)
  • DKMS (Germany, bundesweit)