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Write-offs and destruction of goods 

Financially, the write-offs of goods for destruction or disposal are income tax-acknowledged expenses - there is no value added tax obligation. 

Breakage, spillage and defect goods

Do you write-off products that have expired, which are no longer suitable for sale or have not met import conditions? Destructed goods are properly and ecologically disposed of or recycled and thus the possibility of their re-emergence on the market is eliminated. Let us take care of your write-offs.

Questions and answers

  1. Do I need to make an order in advance?
    Depending on the location of the waste and the disposal method, the disposal has to be ordered 3 - 5 days earlier.

  2. Does Interzero set up waste disposal equipment?
    Interzero can set up waste disposal equipment according to the customer's needs.

  3. Are there more container sizes?
    Waste disposal equipment comes in several sizes, and the required equipment is delivered individually, depending on the waste quantities.

  4. Does Interzero provide legal documentation and which?
    Interzero issues all legally prescribed documentation – accompanying sheets, write-off lists validations and the record of destruction by the commission.

  5. Which waste can be written-off?
    Clothing, footwear, food, beverages, detergents, chemicals, adhesives, silicones, paints, medicines, drugs, toys, consumer goods, goods that did not meet the import conditions.

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