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Client service at the location of the client

Interzero takes care of the complete waste management at locations that contain larger quantities of waste.

Your employees are not supposed to handle waste but your core business

At a time when work becomes expensive and quality workers are difficult to find, it is extremely important to use time efficiently. We take care of your waste, waste and packaging removal and associated documentation.

We send our employees to your location or work with your employees under the arranged conditions.

Possible services:

  • Interzero employee at client’s location

  • Sorting waste at client’s location

  • Interzero equipment setup

  • Baling various types of waste

  • Disposal of useful waste from waste in general

  • Waste compacting

  • Increased control of merchandise write-off in stores

  • Waste documentation handling

  • Interzero logistic organization

The client decides whether the existing collectors remain or Interzero recommends new ones.

Client’s benefits at a glance

  • Conformity with the law

  • Saving time of own employees

  • Reduced waste management space

  • Savings on waste machines

  • Savings and cost control at all times

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