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Paper and cardboard

Paper makes up about 30% of our waste. It is possible to recycle all types of newsprint, cardboard, paper and cardboard bags, writing paper and paper and cardboard packaging up to 7 times.
By recycling 1 ton of office paper, we save 4,200 kW of electricity, 32,000 l of water, 74% less polluting the environment, and saved 17 trees.

Varieties and qualities 

The basic qualities of most frequent cardboard and paper waste:

  • Mixed papers and board (sorted)
    A mixture of various qualities of paper and cardboard, containing a maximum of 40% of newspapers and magazines

  • Supermarket corrugated paper and board
    Used paper and cardboard packaging, containing a minimum of 70% of corrugated cardboard, the rest being solid cardboard and wrapping papers

  • Old corrugated containers
    Used boxes and sheets of corrugated cardboard of various qualities

  • Sorted graphic paper for deinking
    Sorted graphic paper from households, newspapers and magazines, each at a minimum of 40%. The percentage of nondeinkable paper and cardboard should be reduced over time to a maximum level of 1.5%. The actual percentage is to be negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

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