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Interzero – an ALBA Group company

Interzero is an integral part of the Berlin-based recycling and environmental service provider ALBA Group. Dr. Axel Schweitzer, one of the CEOs of the family-owned company, is also the Chairman of the Administrative Board of Interzero.

"Interzero is an integral part of ALBA Group. Our vision of a world without waste suggests that all materials are recyclable or reusable. Zero Waste Solutions is the claim of Interzero that represents our standards. Our next goal is to utilise digitalisation to further improve our services and to create solutions to solve our customers’ waste management problems."

Dr. Axel Schweitzer

Curriculum Vitae:

Dr. Axel Schweitzer was born in 1969. He studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. During his studies he was employed as a technical consultant and a marketing specialist for ALBA, a company founded by his father Franz Josef Schweitzer. In 1995 he was appointed to the Executive Board of ALBA (since January 2011 ALBA Group plc & Co. KG). Since 1998, Axel Schweitzer is in charge of the family business together with his brother Eric. Since 2005, he has been managing ALBA SE (formerly Interzero AG or Interzero SE) from various positions (Chairman of the Supervisory Board, of the Executive Board and Administrative Board). Besides that, he has been a member of the spokesteam of the Asian-Pacific Committee “Greater China” for German economy since October 2013. Furthermore, he voluntarily engages in the association KINDerLEBEN. He also supports the ALBA BERLIN Basketball team as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Alba Group and its brands  

Interzero and ALBA are both brands of ALBA Group. The Group hires 7.500 employees in Germany and in Asia. In 2016, the company’s turnover amounted to 1.8 billion Euros, making the ALBA Group a global leader in recycling and environmental services, as well as an important raw material supplier. In 2016, the company reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 4.3 million tonnes in comparison to the production of primary raw material, saving about 36.2 million tonnes of primary raw materials.

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